State and territory

Variation across population groups

Variation in deaths and years of life lost (YLL) across geographic and population groups is influenced by a complex interaction of factors, such as demographic, socioeconomic and environmental variations. There may also be variations in health services and in risky health behaviours such as smoking, physical inactivity and an unhealthy diet (which can lead to being overweight or obese).  

Preliminary state and territory estimates

Deaths and YLL in the years 2011 and 2015 have been estimated for each Australian state and territory.

Use the ‘State/ territory preliminary estimates’ interactive graphs to explore the number of deaths, and the number or rate of fatal burden (YLL) in each Australian state or territory for selected diseases (or disease groups) of interest.  

Use the ‘State/ territory comparisons’ interactive graphs to compare the age-standardised rate of fatal burden across states and territories for selected disease groups in 2011 or 2015 for males, females or persons.

Fatal burden of disease: Preliminary state and territory estimates data visualisation