Treatment and management of chronic kidney disease

How is chronic kidney disease treated? 

There is no cure for chronic kidney disease, so management of the disease and its symptoms is the primary form of treatment. The earlier chronic kidney disease is detected, the better the outcomes for halting or slowing its progression.

Depending on the stage of chronic kidney disease a person is in, there are a variety of management options available. The best treatment option depends on the person being treated and the underlying condition that caused chronic kidney disease. Treatment options may include lifestyle modifications and medication.

Treatment and management of kidney failure may involve kidney replacement therapy (KRT) – dialysis or a kidney transplant – or comprehensive conservative care for those who choose not to undergo KRT. Supportive care can also be a part of the treatment and management of chronic kidney disease, which focuses on helping a person live the best life possible regardless of what stage of chronic kidney disease they are in or what treatments they are receiving.