This report presents information on trends and issues in housing policy, housing affordability and housing assistance provided to populations with special needs. As housing and rental affordability declines, the need for housing assistance continues to increase, with 1.34 million recipients of Commonwealth Rental Assistance and around 395,000 households living in social housing. Of those households who were recently provided assistance through social housing, the majority were identified as either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

  • Cat. no: WEB 136
Findings from this report:
  • In 2014–15 394,167 households were in social housing, up slightly from 393,844 in 2013–14

  • Mainstream community housing continues to grow with mainstream community housing stock increasing by 76% since 2008–09

  • Waiting lists for social housing remain long, with almost 200,000 applicants on lists in 2014–15

  • 4% to 10% of households across social housing programs were overcrowded, and 12% to 23% were underutilised