Artwork story

The artwork used throughout this website was created by Linda (Nungjingi) Huddleston.

Linda belongs to the Gurindji, Malngin, Mudpurra, Ngardi, Walpiri (Northern Territory) and Wiradjuri (New South Wales) peoples. Linda is a renowned Aboriginal artist who has been creating dot paintings for over 20 years.





This artwork represents Mountains or Hills. The ‘U’ shapes are the caretakers protecting their sacred sites and the circles are billabongs.

Antenatal period

This artwork represents a pregnant woman. The circle with ‘U’ shapes represents the baby and mother and fathers’ tribes inside the womb, the outer ‘U’ shape are the babies’ ancestors.

Labour and birth

This artwork represents the mother during labour and after birth. The circles with ‘U’ shapes are the mother and fathers’ tribes.

Baby outcomes

This artwork represents a new baby. The circle with ‘U’ shapes are mother and fathers’ tribes, the 2 inner shapes are the birthing stones – each time a baby is born they would mark the stones and bury them so they could keep a record on how many babies belonged to that tribe.