Technical notes


Table 2: Abbreviations
AbbreviationIn full
AIHWAustralian Institute of Health and Welfare
BMIBody Mass Index
COAGCouncil of Australian Governments
DCTData Collection Tool
GPGeneral Practitioner
MaCCSMaternity Care Classification System
MoC NBPDSModel of Care National Best Practice Data Set
NPDCNational Perinatal Data Collection

Data quality statement

Maternity model of care NBPDS 2022–23: Maternity Care Classification System, 2023; Quality Statement

Model of Care (MoC) National Best Practice Data Set (NBPDS) data elements

MoC NBPDS data elements (PDF 31KB)

Maternity Care Classification System (MaCCS) Data Collection Tool (DCT) questions

MaCCS DCT questions (PDF 90KB)