This is AIHW’s sixth annual report on suicide among permanent, reserve, and ex-serving ADF members (‘member’ is used throughout to refer to those who are serving and those who are ex-serving). This report includes those with at least one day of service from 1985 to 2021, with the suicides monitored over the period from 1997 to 2021. This cohort and monitoring period have been expanded to include the latest year of available data over last year’s report. The general patterns, including rates of suicide and comparisons with the Australian population, are similar to previous AIHW reports.

Further information on the veteran population scope and expanded monitoring period can be found in the Technical notes.

Article – Serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force members: Suicide and select causes of death,1997 to 2021

This monitoring report is accompanied by a separate article that presents information about suicide and other causes of death from 1997 to 2021 among ADF members who have served since 1985.

Caution: Some readers may find parts of this article confronting or distressing as it contains information on methods used for suicide. As such, and in line with the Mindframe guidelines on responsible and safe suicide and self-harm reporting, access to the report has been limited to individuals from the Australian Government, research bodies, and tertiary education institutions. Requests received from others are unlikely to be approved unless a compelling reason is provided. Please consider your need to read this article. To request access to this article, please email [email protected] and provide the purpose of the access request.