In 2017–18, the majority of closed episodes for all clients, included:

  • assessment only as the most common main treatment in the Northern Territory (47% of episodes), followed by counselling and rehabilitation (both 18%) (Figure 31; Table ST.5)
  • where an additional treatment was provided as a supplementary to the main treatment, counselling (20%) was the most common additional treatment, followed by other (4%) and rehabilitation (2%).

Over the period 2013–14 to 2017–18:

  • assessment only remained the most common main treatment in the Northern Territory, although the proportion of episodes fluctuated (from 39% in 2013–14 to 32% in 2016–17, rising to 47% in 2017–18)
  • the proportion of episodes where counselling was the main treatment peaked in 2013–14 and 2016–17 (both 25%), falling to 18% of episodes in 2017–18
  • the proportion of closed treatment episodes where rehabilitation was the main treatment fluctuated since
    2013–14, rising from 16% to 25% in 2016–17, then falling to 18% in 2017–18 (Table SE NT.20).
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