The Australian Burden of Disease Study 2018 was undertaken by members of the Australian Burden of Disease and Mortality Unit of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) under the guidance of Michelle Gourley and Richard Juckes, and project management of Paula Laws. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander component of the study was undertaken by members of the Indigenous Burden of Disease Unit of the AIHW, under the guidance of Tracy Dixon and Fadwa Al-Yaman.

The Australian Burden of Disease Expert Advisory Group and Indigenous Reference Group provided advice on overarching methods. Membership of these groups is provided in the Introduction.

Methods development and implementation for specific areas of analysis were overseen by Wendy Ho (mortality), Julianne Garcia (morbidity) and Vanessa Prescott (risk factor analysis).

Disease group methods development and analysis were undertaken in consultation with disease experts by:

  • blood & metabolic disorders – Vergil Dolar (national), Kalijah Madsen-Guarini (Indigenous)
  • cancer & other neoplasms – Chenkun Zhao (national), Nick Mann (Indigenous and national)
  • cardiovascular diseases – Julianne Garcia (national), Tracy Dixon (Indigenous)
  • endocrine disorders – Julianne Garcia (national), Tracy Dixon (Indigenous)
  • gastrointestinal disorders – Ruihua Guo and Charles Chak (national), Kalijah Madsen-Guarini (Indigenous)
  • hearing & vision disorders – Ruihua Guo (national), Ilona Brockway and Tracy Dixon (Indigenous)
  • infant & congenital conditions – Wendy Ho (national), Eleanor Bateman (Indigenous)
  • infectious diseases – Lucas Mills (national and Indigenous)
  • injuries – Nick Mann (national and Indigenous)
  • kidney & urinary disorders – Anna Reynolds (national), Tracy Dixon (Indigenous)
  • mental health conditions & substance use disorders – Julianne Garcia (national), Kalijah Madsen-Guarini (Indigenous)
  • musculoskeletal conditions – Anna Reynolds (national), Ilona Brockway (Indigenous)
  • neurological conditions – Yolanda Lovie-Toon (national), Ilona Brockway (Indigenous)
  • oral disorders – Charles Chak and Wendy Ho (national), Kalijah Madsen-Guarini (Indigenous)
  • reproductive & maternal conditions – Eleanor Bateman (national and Indigenous), Paula Laws (national)
  • respiratory conditions – Anna Reynolds (national), Ilona Brockway (Indigenous)
  • skin disorders – Yolanda Lovie-Toon (national), Nancy Stace-Winkles (Indigenous and national scabies).

Vanessa Prescott and Vergil Dolar developed and analysed individual risk factor methods, in consultation with experts. Indigenous risk factor analysis was undertaken by Eleanor Bateman, Ilona Brockway, Tracy Dixon, Robin Kagie, Kalijah Madsen-Guarini, Lucas Mills and Nancy Stace-Winkles.

Systems development was undertaken by Nick Mann.

Special thanks to Caleb Weeden for developing the web report.

Methods specific to diseases and risk factors were reviewed by expert panels comprised of relevant clinical and epidemiological experts. A full list of contributors to disease and risk factor work is provided in the Introduction.

The BEACH data used in this study was collected by the Family Medicine Research Centre of the University of Sydney in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

The Australian Burden of Disease Study 2018 was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.