Disease specific methods - morbidity

This chapter provides information on the methods used to estimate morbidity (non-fatal burden or YLD) for each of the 17 disease groups (below, in alphabetical order). It includes information on the sequela and health states used, prevalence and severity data sources used, and details on the methods used to calculate prevalence estimates for each disease. 

It also describes methods for the following conditions, which are sequela to multiple diseases (referred to as envelopes), within these disease group sections:

  • anaemia – blood & metabolic disorders
  • heart failure – cardiovascular conditions
  • infertility – reproductive & maternal conditions
  • intellectual disability – mental & substance use disorders
  • vision loss – hearing & vision disorders.

Detailed information is provided on the methods used for 2018 national estimates. Where these methods differ for sub-national estimates, 2015, 2011 or 2003 estimates, this is described separately.