The Geographical variation in disease web product was developed and authored by Lany Trinh, Amy Ferriday and Heidi Dietz of the AIHW Cardiovascular, diabetes and kidney Unit (CDKU) with a special acknowledgement to the contribution of Libby Teki and David Meere during the initial phase of this project. Development of the dashboards was done in conjunction with the AIHW Specialist Capabilities Unit, most notably the authors appreciate the expert advice and assistance provided by Joo-Shan Ong, Karen Higgins and Michael McTigue. The authors would like to thank the web and publishing team and the authoring support team for their contribution and guidance.

Valuable comments and directions were provided by Miriam Lum On, Richard Juckes, Fadwa Al-Yaman, Louise Gates, Phil Anderson, David Whitelaw and Martin Edvaardson as well as members from the CDKU, Population Health, Hospitals Data and Burden of Disease and Mortality units.

The authors greatly appreciate the data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and review of prototypes by AIHW's disease Expert Advisory Groups, PHN and primary healthcare sector stakeholders.

The Australian Government Department of Health funded this product. The authors acknowledge the valuable comments from individual members at the Department.