About the data

Data presented in this report are based on an AIHW customised request of ABS Provisional Mortality Statistics. These data are not comparable to numbers of deaths published in 3302.0 Deaths, Australia and 3303.0 Causes of Death, Australia.

These data are considered to be provisional and subject to change as additional data are received. The data include doctor-certified deaths only, with the exception of deaths with a UCOD of COVID-19, for which available coroner-certified deaths are also included.

Data are based on the date on which the death occurred, and are compiled based on the state/territory of usual residence. The data excludes deaths for which the date of death was not recorded. A proportion of deaths occur in a given calendar year but are not registered until subsequent years. Care should be taken in interpreting the year of occurrence data presented, particularly for 2020, as it is expected to increase with further processing.

For more information relevant to interpretation of the ABS’s Provisional Mortality Statistics as well as how it differs in scope from other ABS mortality statistics, visit the ABS website.

Figures on COVID-19 related deaths in residential aged care published by the Department of Health are sourced from the Victorian Public Health Events Surveillance System (PHESS) and from Commonwealth sources.

The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) 10th revision was used to record all health conditions, including dementia and COVID-19. For further information about the ICD refer to the WHO International Classification of Diseases (ICD).