This report was prepared by Lilia Arcos Holzinger and Melanie Dunford of the Dementia Unit of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), with valued input from Fleur de Crespigny, Richard Juckes, Ann-Kristin Raymer, Ingrid Evans, Michelle Gourley, Melinda Leake, and Louise York, also of the AIHW. Lauren Moran, Julia Fitzgerald, Lipan Rahman, Fiona Khoo, and James Eynstone-Hinkins from the ABS Mortality Data Centre provided the provisional mortality data tables used in this report, as well as valuable advice on the methodology, scope, and draft report.

Review and valuable input on the draft report was provided by the AIHW Dementia Working Group whose members include Kaarin Anstey, Prue Torrance, Henry Brodaty, Colm Cunningham, Annette Dobson, Linda Fardell, Anthony Hobbs, Verity Jausnik, Marissa Ostuszewski, Velandai Srikanth, Stephanie Ward, Kaele Stokes and Kumar Ujjineni.

The Australian Government Department of Health funded this report.