Homelessness services

Anyone can be affected by homelessness. However, some groups, such as people with disability, may face additional risk factors, such as unemployment and low income. These factors increase their likelihood of experiencing homelessness, or present additional barriers to exiting homelessness (see Employment and Income for more information on these life areas).

People with disability may also have specific accommodation and support needs beyond those of the general population.

People with disability who are homeless or at risk of homelessness can use specialist homelessness services (SHS). These services are funded by governments to:

  • provide accommodation support to people in need
  • support at-risk clients to remain housed
  • provide services intended to support stable living conditions, such as employment or financial services.

Where can I find out more?

Detailed data tables are available online at Data.

This section looks primarily at all clients with disability. Annual reports from the SHSC generally focus on the subset of clients with severe or profound disability. More information on the SHSC, and the latest reports, are available on the AIHW website.


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