Justice and safety

People with disability may experience higher rates of violence, abuse and neglect than people without disability. Some may also face barriers in asserting their rights before the law. Exploring the extent of violence experienced or perpetrated by people with disability, as well as their interactions with the justice system and the quality and safety of the supports they receive, can provide information to improve outcomes for this group.

Summary card 1 showing key statistics for discrimination. The card shows that 4 in 9 people aged 15-64 with disability have avoided situations because of their disability in the last year. Of those who avoided at least 1 situation, 45% avoided visiting friends and family, and 34% avoided restaurants, cafes or bars. Summary card 2 showing key statistics for violence. The card shows 47% of adults with disability have experienced violence after the age of 15, compared with 36% of those without disability. More than 2 in 5 (43%) people with disability have experienced physical violence after the age of 15; 21% of people with disability have experienced partner violence, and 16% have experienced sexual violence.