Non-admitted patient clinics

This section presents information based on the clinic-level service events data from the NNAPC(agg)D for 2017–18. The NNAPC(agg)D data include information for 140 type of clinics, that are defined through the type of clinician who provided the service, and the nature of the service provided (IHPA 2016).

The clinics are categorised into 4 major classes:

  • Procedural clinics—which provide minor surgical and non-surgical procedures (that do not require the patient to be admitted)—by a surgeon or other medical specialist.
  • Medical consultation clinics—typically provided by a medical or nurse practitioner. There may also be input from allied health personnel and/or clinical nurse specialists.
  • Diagnostic service clinics—which provide diagnostic services within a specific field of medicine or condition. These services include imaging, screening, clinical measurement and pathology.
  • Allied health and/or clinical nurse specialist intervention clinics—which provide services by an allied health professional or clinical nurse specialist.

A clinic may provide a range of health services that fall into different Tier 2 clinic classes, and when this occurs the clinic is classified based on its predominant activity.


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