Clinic types

For Procedural clinics:

  • the most common clinic was Dental clinics (36%, 1.1 million service events), with 86% of these reported by New South Wales (Table 10)
  • There were more than 1.2 million oncology-related service events in Radiation therapy—treatment and Chemotherapy treatment clinics combined.

For Medical consultation clinics, the 3 most common clinics were:

  •  General practice and primary care (1.4 million service events, 95% were in New South Wales)
  • Orthopaedics (1.1 million) 
  • Medical oncology (consultation) (700,000).
  • There were also 1.4 million service events in clinics dealing with obstetrics or gynaecology.

For Diagnostic services, the most common service was Pathology (microbiology, haematology, biochemistry) (3.2 million service events)—with almost all of these reported by New South Wales.

For Allied health and/or clinical nurse specialist intervention clinics, the most common clinics were:

  • Midwifery and maternity (2.3 million or 13% of service events)
  • Primary health care (2.2 million service events). 

Data visualisation of table 10

See Table S3.10 and S3.13 for caveat information related to these data. Available to download from the Data section.

Where to go for more information

Additional information on non-admitted patient service events provided in all non-admitted patient clinics, by
Tier 2 clinic class and state and territory is in tables S3.1 to S3.13. Available for download in the data section.

Information on data limitations and methods is available in Appendix A and Appendix B.