Type of care provided

The type of care delivered during a non-admitted patient service event can be classified as:

  • Subacute:
    • rehabilitation care
    • palliative care
    • geriatric evaluation and management
    • psychogeriatric care.
  • Mental health care.
  • Other (any care provided that does not fall within the categories above, for example, maintenance care and acute care).

In 2017–18, the majority (92%) of non-admitted patient service events provided for the NNAP(el)D were for Other care (Table 3), 5% were for Rehabilitation care and Palliative care accounted for 2% of service events.

There was variation in the ability of jurisdictions to provide information on the type of care and therefore, comparison between states and territories should be interpreted with caution. See Appendix A for more information.

Data visualisation of table 3

See Table 2.2 for caveat information related to these data. Available to download from the Data section.