The Cultural safety in health care for Indigenous Australians: monitoring framework brings together available data to assess progress in achieving cultural safety in the health system for Indigenous Australians. The framework includes measures on culturally respectful health care services; Indigenous patient experience of health care; and access to health care services. The data are presented at the national, state and regional levels.

  • Cat. no: IHW 222
Findings from this report:
  • From 2013 to 2020 the number of Indigenous medical practitioners employed across Australia increased from 234 to 494

  • In 2018–19, 91% of Indigenous Australians in non-remote areas felt their doctor always/often respected what they said

  • In 2019–20, 50% of Indigenous patients waited 49 days to be admitted for elective surgery (38 days for non-Indigenous)

  • In 2018–19, among Indigenous Australians who did not access health services when needed 32% cited cultural reasons