What is the National Prisoner Health Data Collection?

This report presents the results of the Sixth National Prisoner Health Data Collection (NPHDC). The NPHDC is the main source of national data about the health of people in Australia’s prisons. It presents information on the health experiences of people throughout the whole prison cycle – from entry to time spent in prison, through to discharge – and includes:

  • information on the operation of prison health clinics, the conditions and problems they manage, and the medications dispensed
  • self-reported information from people as they enter and exit the prison system (known as prison entrants and prison dischargees in this report)
  • summary information, recorded by the prisons.  

The NPHDC reports on a set of 94 indicators that provide information on the health and wellbeing of Australia’s prison population. For an overview of the National Prisoner Health Data Indicator Framework and indicator map see Related material – Appendix A.