Health risk factors are attributes, characteristics or exposures that increase the likelihood of a person developing a disease or health disorder. Behavioural risk factors are those that individuals have the most ability to modify. Biomedical risk factors are bodily states that are often influenced by behavioural risk factors.

  • Cat. no: WEB 195
Findings from this report:
  • Over 1 in 2 Australian adults aged 18–64 years (52%) were not sufficiently active in 2014–15—down from 56% in 2011–12

  • Over 1 in 3 Australian adults (34%) had high blood pressure in 2014–15—a slight rise from 32% in 2011–12

  • 3.1% of Australian adults had impaired fasting glucose in 2011–12

  • Almost 1 in 8 Australian adults (13%) smoked daily in 2016