Trachoma screening coverage

Measure 2.5.1: The estimated number, and proportion, of Indigenous children in at-risk Indigenous communities screened for trachoma.

The screening and treatment frequency for trachoma in at-risk communities is based on the trachoma prevalence rate.

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  • In 2017, trachoma screening was undertaken in 84 at-risk communities in 4 jurisdictions (Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Queensland).
  • In the 84 communities that undertook screening, there were a total of 4,393 children aged 0–14 screened for trachoma, a rate of 48%. This included 562 children aged 0–4 (25%), 2,872 aged 5–9 (83%), and 959 aged 10–14 (32%).
  • The 5–9 age group is the target group for screening programs in all regions, in line with the CDNA guidelines, with variable screening undertaken for other age groups.