Follow-up services overview


First Nations follow-‍up items were added to the MBS in November 2008 to support the First Nations health check, as checks alone have limited capacity to improve health outcomes.

Based on health needs identified during a health check, people can access a number of free First Nations MBS services from:

  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Practitioner or Practice Nurse on behalf of and under the supervision of a GP (up to 10 per calendar year)
  • various allied health professionals (via referral from a GP), for example, physiotherapists, podiatrists or dietitians (up to 5 per calendar year).

Allied health professionals are required to report back to GPs: any investigations, tests, and/or assessments carried out on the patient; any treatment provided; and future management of the patient's condition or problem.

As part of the Australian Government’s COVID‑‍19 response, telehealth items were introduced in March 2020 to help reduce the risk of community transmission of COVID‑‍19 and provide protection for patients and health care providers (DHAC 2022b). Telehealth consultations may be used for gathering information, but physical examination components are required to be delivered face-to-face.