Health checks resulting in a follow-up


This chapter presents the number and proportion of health check patients who received a First Nations follow-‍up service in the 12 months following their health check, by the year that their health check was delivered (or ‘follow-‍up percentage’). The most recent year of health check delivery covered is 2020–‍21. Follow-‍up activity for health check patients from 2021–‍22 was not ready to assess at the time of this analysis, due to lag in processing some MBS claims.

The MBS data collection does not include any information about the outcomes of a health check. This means that it is not known how many people actually required follow-‍up care after their health checks. Not all First Nations people who have a health check will need follow-‍up services. Consequently, variation in follow-‍up percentages (for example, by age group or geographic regions), may partly reflect differences in health status, need for follow‑up care and whether people are willing or able to attend recommended follow-‍up services.

For background information on First Nations health checks, see Health checks section.

For background information on First Nations follow-‍up services, see Follow-‍up services overview section.