Numbers of follow-ups delivered

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  • This section reflects follow-‍up activity by year of delivery, independently of health checks.
  • Some records from a small number of service providers have been excluded due to data quality concerns.

Latest data

In 2021–‍22:

  • 314,000 First Nations follow-‍up services were delivered to 143,000 patients – or 16% of the First Nations population.

By sex

In 2021–‍22:

  • 181,000 follow-‍up services were delivered to 80,100 female patients – or 18% of the First Nations female population.
  • 133,000 follow-‍up services were delivered to 62,800 male patients – or 14% of the First Nations male population.

By age

In 2021–‍22:

  • Older age groups tended to have higher proportions of the population receiving follow-‍up services.
  • People aged 75 and over had the highest proportion, with 37% receiving a follow-‍up service (5,000 patients).
  • The lowest proportion of the population who received a follow-‍up service was among those aged 15–‍24, at 12% (19,600 patients).
  • The youngest age group, 0–‍4-‍year-‍olds, had a slightly higher proportion of the population using follow-‍up services, at 14% (14,300 patients).

By age and sex

In 2021–‍22:

  • More females had a follow-‍up service than males in all age groups, 15–‍24 and older.
  • The largest difference was among 25–‍34-‍year-‍olds, where 11,800 females received a follow-‍up service, compared with 6,900 males (18% of the female population and 9.8% of the male population).

Between 2011–‍12 and 2021–‍22:

  • The number of First Nations follow-‍up services delivered increased from 37,800 in 2011–‍12 to 388,000 in 2019–‍20 – or a factor of over 10.
  • The number of follow-‍up services delivered then fell to 365,000 in 2020–‍21 and 314,000 in 2021–‍22.
  • The number of patients who received a follow-‍up service followed a similar pattern, rising from 18,500 in 2011–‍12 to 164,000 in 2019–‍20, before falling to 143,000 by 2021–‍22.

Figure 17: Use of First Nations follow-‍up services, by age group, by sex, 2011–‍12 to 2021–‍22

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