Initial Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) hospitalisations

IIn this section, the following information about the study cohort (n=23,445) during their initial TBI hospital stay is presented:

  • demographic information (age and sex)
  • information relating to the injury event, such as cause and activity being undertaken at the time of injury
  • clinical and care-related aspects of initial TBI hospitalisations, such as:
    • type of TBI diagnosis
    • indicators of condition severity such as length of hospital stay, use of continuous ventilatory support and intensive care treatment
    • emergency department presentations that resulted in hospital admission on the same day or the day after
    • procedures performed
    • mode of discharge from hospital
  • deaths that occurred during the initial TBI hospitalisation period.

Note that in the context of initial TBI hospitalisations, the number of hospitalisations is equal to the number of patients in the cohort, as while some patients did have multiple TBIs in the reference period, all patients had only one initial TBI.