National guidelines recommend that all women are screened for signs and risk factors of mental health conditions during the perinatal period. This report explores, for the first time, perinatal mental health screening data from three state and territory health authorities and how these vary by maternal characteristics and behaviours, birth settings, and birth outcomes. It describes how efforts to improve reporting and targeted initiatives that improve outcomes for mothers and their families may be possible through data development and integration opportunities.

  • Cat. no: PER 124
Findings from this report:
  • Currently, there are no national data about perinatal mental health screening, service use or outcomes

  • State and territories are making progress to implement perinatal mental health screening data items

  • In Qld, Tas and the ACT, 3 out of 4 women receive mental health screening during pregnancy

  • Women are more likely to be screened if they are under 25, are First Nations women or give birth in a public hospital