Antenatal period indicators

The Antenatal period covers the time from conception until birth. The National Core Maternity Indicators (NCMIs) associated with the antenatal period present information on measures of clinical activity and mother’s risk factors between 2011 and 2021.

Data for these indicators are presented by jurisdiction of birth, mother’s age at birth, mother’s First Nations status, hospital sector, hospital's size (as measured by annual number of births), remoteness of mother’s usual residence, and disadvantage quintile of mother’s usual residence.

During the antenatal period

Two antenatal period indicators are presented in this report. Table 1 compares the proportion of women in the current year (2021) to the baseline year, enabling comparison between these 2 points in time.

Table 1: Antenatal indicators by proportion for baseline year and 2021
Indicator numberIndicatorBaseline yearBaseline year (%)Current year 2021 (%)
PI 01aTobacco smoking in pregnancy in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy for all women giving birth201112.98.3
PI 01bTobacco smoking in pregnancy after the first 20 weeks of pregnancy for all women who gave birth and reported smoking during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy201170.872.4
PI 02aAntenatal care in the first trimester for all women giving birth201165.779.6
PI 02bAntenatal care in the first 10 weeks for all women giving birth201137.560.7