Birth outcome indicators

The National Core Maternity Indicators (NCMIs) associated with birth outcomes present information on measures of outcome between 2004 and 2021.

Data for these indicators are presented by jurisdiction of birth, and at the national level by hospital’s size (as measured by annual number of births), hospital sector, and mother’s First Nations status. Some indicators are presented by remoteness, disadvantage quintile and other data groupings where relevant.

Birth outcomes

Three birth outcome indicators are presented in this report. Table 3 shows the proportion for the current year (2021) and the baseline year for each indicator, enabling comparison between these 2 points in time.

Table 3: Birth outcome indicators by proportion for baseline year and 2021
Indicator number Indicator Baseline year Baseline (%) Current year 2021 (%)
PI 04 Apgar score of less than 7 at 5 minutes for births at or after term 2004 0.9 1.3
PI 10 Small babies among births at or after 40 weeks gestation 2004 2.1 1.1
PI 13a Third and fourth degree tears for all vaginal first births 2013 5.2 4.5
PI 13b Third and fourth degree tears for all vaginal births 2013 3.0 2.7