About the NPDC data availability resource

The National Perinatal Data Collection (NPDC) is a national population-based cross-sectional collection of data on pregnancy and childbirth. It began in 1991 and is a collaborative effort by the AIHW and state and territory health departments. Perinatal data are collected for each birth in each state and territory. The data are collated by the relevant state or territory health department and a standard de-identified extract is provided annually to the AIHW to form the NPDC. Midwives and other birth attendants, using information obtained from mothers and from hospital or other records, complete notification forms for each birth.

The NPDC data availability resource is an interactive (data visualisation) information resource detailing data availability for data elements in the NPDC. Data availability is shown from 1991 to 2021 at the national and state/territory level. The resource also contains metadata information including accepted and alternate codes as well as tips to assist with analyses of the data.

Only those data elements with a high degree of reliability have been made publicly available through published reports. The NPDC data availability resource does not display the quality of the data it only displays the availability of the data. Published NPDC data can be found in the Australia's mothers and babies report.

Additional data can be requested from the NPDC through an official data request.

Scope of the NPDC

The NPDC covers both live births and stillbirths, where gestational age is at least 20 weeks or birthweight is at least 400 grams (except in Victoria and Western Australia, where births are included if gestational age is at least 20 weeks or, if gestation is unknown, birthweight is at least 400 grams).

For more information please read the latest NPDC data quality statement.

For a more detailed explanation of the collection of the NPDC please read Data sources.