The AIHW thanks and acknowledges the large contribution by staff from a range of organisations in providing datasets and advice. These organisations are

  • Department of Defence
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • National Coronial Information System
  • Department of Justice and Community Safety (Victoria)

The AIHW also thanks and acknowledges contributions of internal staff from the AIHW; Data Integration Service Centre who conducted the data-linkage, Ethics Privacy and Legal Unit who facilitated the ethics approval process and Specialist Capability Unit who provided statistical guidance in the methods used for the analysis. 

The AIHW thanks those who provided review; Professor Libby Roughead, Associate Professor Ben Edwards and staff from the AIHW Data Custodian Units. In addition, the AIHW thanks and acknowledges the support from the Office of the National Commissioner and formerly the Attorney General’s Department as well as the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

Finally, the AIHW also thanks Mindframe for providing invaluable training in the appropriate and sensitive way to report on suicide.