About the Strategy

Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 (the Strategy) is a plan to make life better for people with disability. The Australian Government wrote this plan with people with disability. It talks about what can be done to make Australia more inclusive. If Australia is inclusive, people with disability can take part in everything that happens in Australia.

Why is the Strategy important?

It will make sure:

  • Australia has a good plan for being more inclusive
  • governments around Australia know how to be more inclusive
  • services and systems can make outcomes better for people with disability.

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How will success be measured?

The Strategy is supported by an Outcomes Framework - external site opens in new window : after

The Outcomes Framework says what needs to be tracked to know if things are improving for people with disability. This includes looking at what is happening for people with disability in key areas such as health care, housing, education and employment, and what is changing over time.

  • What is the goal?

    The Strategy aims to make life better for people with disability in 7 main areas.
    These are called outcome areas.

  • What is important?

    In each outcome area are things considered important to help make Australia more inclusive.
    These are called priorities.

  • Is it working?

    To know if things are getting better, data are used to keep track of what changes over time.
    These are called measures.

The Strategy has 7 outcome areas. These cover things that people with disability have said need to get better if Australia is to be more inclusive.