Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 (the Strategy) is a plan to make life better for people with disability. The Strategy is supported by an outcomes framework that shows what needs to be tracked to know if things are improving for people with disability.  

Each year, this report series will look at what has changed for people with disability. This includes looking at what is happening for people with disability in key areas such as healthcare, housing, education and employment, and what is changing over time.

Other information about outcomes for people with disability

In addition to reporting on progress under Australia’s Disability Strategy, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare publishes other authoritative reports about people with disability and their experiences.

These reports can be accessed through the main AIHW disability topic page.

Information can also be found on Australia's Disability Strategy Hub.

Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 Outcomes Framework: Second annual report 

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This is the second annual report for Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 Outcomes Framework. It provides an overview of the progress being made on outcomes for people with disability eighteen months after the start of the Strategy in December 2021.

The report also includes 7 new community attitudes measures, drawing on Australia’s Disability Strategy Survey – Share with us, collected for the first time in 2022. The proportion of public sector employees with disability from the Employment and financial security outcome area is also able to be reported for the first time.

Other publications

Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021–2031 Outcomes Framework: First annual report  

This first annual report for the Australia’s Disability Strategy Outcomes Framework provides an overview of all measures being tracked under Australia’s Disability Strategy at ‘baseline’ – that is, when the Strategy began in December 2021. Moving forward, baseline data will be the point of comparison against which changes for each of the measures will be compared over the life of the Strategy.