This report was prepared by staff in the Population Health Group, Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) (Claire Sparke, Bronte O’Donnell, Anna Reynolds, Claudia Slimings, Chris Rompotis, Chitra Chandran, Mariam Hakeem-Sanni, Renee Foo, Zoe Stephens, Sarp Kaya, Vivien Luong) in collaboration with staff at the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (Bette Liu, Jiahui Qian, Kristine Macartney and Stephen Lambert) and funded by the Australian Government Department of Health. Guidance and advice were provided by AIHW senior executives (Richard Juckes, Adrian Webster and Lynelle Moon).

Data linkage was performed by staff in the Data Integration Services Centre (DISC) at AIHW.

The authors acknowledge the ongoing contributions and input of the COVID‑19 Data Advisory Group, Advisory Board members and the Communicable Diseases Network of Australia who have contributed COVID‑19 data for this project.

Data quality statement

For more information about the data sources see the data quality statement for COVID‑19 Register.