This data update from 2021-22 will include the latest findings from the 2nd year of the national Practice Incentives Program Quality Improvement (PIPQI) Eligible Data Set, which contain the recording status of clients’ primary health care data in clinical information systems that general practices use against 10 defined measures, which are not to be interpreted as prevalence measures. The de-identified aggregate data are sourced from over 5,600 general practices. This report expands on the findings of the first national PIPQI report, representing the recording status of lifestyle behaviours and the areas of significant burden on the health of the clients that attended general practices. It is anticipated that the findings will be used by general practices and primary health care organisations to help improve patient care and planning for the health needs across Australia.

  • Cat. no: PHC 8
Findings from this report:
  • As of July 2022, over 5,600 general practices around Australia contributed to the aggregate PIPQI data on 10 measures

  • Regular clients who had type 2 diabetes and a HbA1c result recorded in the previous 12 months decreased 2.3% from 2021

  • Regular clients aged 65 years+ with an influenza vaccination recorded in their GP record decreased 4.0% from 2021

  • Eligible client % with 4 tests recorded for assessing CVD risk varied as 2 data extractors used differing counting rules