Department of Social Services – Data Exchange (DEX)


Collection frequency

Monthly (Reporting periods are 1 January – 30 June, 1 July – 31 December)

Latest data

2022–23, as at 30 June 2023

Description of data source

The Data Exchange is the program performance reporting solution developed by DSS in consultation with organisations and clients, in response to the Australian Government’s commitment to empower civil society organisations. It was developed to improve the way administrative data are collected and used to improve the wellbeing of people and families.

Organisations funded under the NDAP program are required under their agreement with the Commonwealth to enter data into the DSS Data Exchange (DEX) in accordance with the Data Exchange Protocols. 


The target group for advocacy support provided by NDAP agencies are people with disability that is attributable to an intellectual, psychiatric, sensory or physical impairment or a combination of such impairments; is permanent or likely to be permanent; and results in a substantially reduced capacity of the person for communication, learning or mobility and the need for ongoing support services.

A ‘client’ can be either a person with disability or a carer/family member of a person with disability.

Age groups

For the purpose of the reported measure, age refers to the age of the client at their last NDAP session in the financial year 2021–2022


Sex is recorded as ‘Male’, ‘Female’ or ‘Intersex/indeterminate’.

Indigenous status

First Nations refers to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people.

Definition of CALD

A client is considered Culturally and Linguistically Diverse where their Country of Birth is not 'Australia' and their Main Spoken Language is not 'English’ or 'Not Stated’.


Data are available at the national level.

Measures reported