This content contains information some readers may find distressing as it refers to information about family, domestic and sexual violence. If the information presented raises any issues for you, or someone you know, contact 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732. See also Find support for a list of support services.

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Outcomes framework

In August 2023, the government released the Outcomes Framework 2023–2032, under the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022–2032 (the National Plan). The Outcomes Framework links actions and activities being undertaken by the Australian, state and territory governments with the aim to end gender-based violence in one generation.

The 6 long-term outcomes drawn from the National Plan are:

  1. Systems and institutions effectively support and protect people impacted by violence.
  2. Services and prevention programs are effective, culturally responsive, intersectional and accessible.
  3. Community attitudes and beliefs embrace gender equality and condemn all forms of gendered violence without exception.
  4. People who choose to use violence are accountable for their actions and stop their violent, coercive and abusive behaviours.
  5. Children and young people are safe in all settings and are effectively supported by systems and services.
  6. Women are safe and respected in all settings and experience economic, political, cultural and social equality.

An initial set of 6 measurable targets have been identified to measure progress against:

  • Female intimate partner homicide.
  • Knowledge of behaviours that constitute family, domestic and sexual violence.
  • Community attitudes towards:
    • violence against women
    • rejecting gender inequality
    • rejecting sexual violence.
  • Closing the Gap Target 13 – to reduce all forms of family violence and abuse against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children by at least 50 per cent by 2031, as progress towards zero.

These targets will be measured through the Performance Measurement Plan – work is currently underway to link outcomes and sub-outcomes to indicators, measures and data sources. The performance measurement plan will also identify data gaps that will inform the evaluation methodology and data development plan.

Once the Performance Measurement Plan is finalised, this website will provide an overview of the measures being tracked, including the latest data, where available.

For more information, see the DSS website.