Other main treatment

Other main treatment types are modes of treatment that do not fit the descriptions of the main treatment types. Examples of other main treatment types may be living skills classes, outdoor therapy, relapse prevention and safe using or drug use reduction education and support.

In 2021–22:

  • other treatment accounted for 8.1% (18,527) of all treatment episodes
  • of these episodes, 27% (6,700) reported other treatment as an additional treatment (tables Trt.4, Trt.61)
  • most other treatment episodes for a client’s own alcohol or drug use were for alcohol (38%), amphetamines (27%) or cannabis (16%) (tables Trt.4, Trt.61, Trt.63).

Over the 10-year period to 2021–22:

  • for clients receiving treatment for their own alcohol or drug use, most episodes lasted less than one month (ranging from 42% in 2021–22 to 73% of episodes in 2015–16)
    • episodes lasting 1 to 3 months increased from 22% in 2012–13 to 32% in 2021–22
    • episodes lasting one day fell from 28% in 2012–13 to 13% in 2021–22
  • the proportion of other treatment episodes for someone else’s alcohol or drug use that lasted 2–29 days increased from 11% in 2012–13 to 23% in 2021–22, and episodes lasting one to 3 months increased from 29% to 43% since 2012–13
  • median treatment duration for other treatment ranged from 36 days to 54 days for all clients for most years between 2012–13 and 2021–22, with the exception of 2015–16 (19 days) (tables Ov.11, Trt.68).