Net growth in health workforce

Definition: The change over time in the full-time equivalent (FTE) number of people employed in selected health workforce professions.

Sources: AIHW National Health Workforce Dataset and Department of Health National Health Workforce Dataset; Table S1.4.38.

  • The number of employed FTE medical practitioners rose by 14% from 85,200 in 2011 to 96,900 in 2016. The rate of FTE medical practitioners per population also increased, by 4.8% (from 382 to 400 per 100,000 population) over the same period.
  • Also during this period, the number of FTE nurses and midwives increased by 12% (from 247,300 to 277,300), and the FTE rate per population by 3.5% (from 1,107 to 1,145 per 100,000 population).

For more information, see Chapter 2.3 'Who is in the health workforce?'