Goal 1: Prevent people developing type 2 diabetes

Goal 1 indicators relate to the incidence and prevalence of type 2 diabetes in the population, as well as modifiable risk factors in the general population.

Eight indicators were identified in the Implementation Plan for Goal 1.

People developing or with type 2 diabetes:

1.1 Incidence of type 2 diabetes

1.2 Prevalence of type 2 diabetes

Modifiable risk factors in the general population such as overweight or obesity, and levels or physical activity:

1.3 Waist circumference

1.4 Overweight and obesity, by age group

1.5 Insufficient physical activity, by age group

1.6 Inadequate fruit and/or vegetable consumption, by age group

1.7 Total energy intake from saturated fatty acids

1.8 Exclusive breastfeeding