State and territory data visualisation

The interactive data visualisation below displays the latest key data on housing assistance in Australia, summarised at the national level views for each state and territory.

The data visualisation displays key national as well as state and territory data on housing assistance in Australia. Summary information about the number of dwellings in the four major social housing programs (public housing, community housing, Indigenous community housing and SOMIH) in 2019, number of households in 2019, number or occupants from 2013–14 to 2018–19, the suitability of dwelling size in 2019 and financial assistance provided in 2019 is presented. Across Australia in 2019, the majority of social housing dwellings were public housing stock (305,200) followed by community housing (100,200). There were also around 415,100 households living in the 4 main social housing programs. In 2018–19, there were 797,100 occupants in Australia’s 3 main social housing programs (public housing, SOMIH and community housing). In 2019, more dwellings were underutilised than overcrowded; around 61,300 dwellings were underutilised and 17,500 were overcrowded across the 3 main housing programs. As at 28 June 2019, around 1.29 million income units received CRA. In 2018–19, around 91,800 unique households received PRA (private rent assistance) and around 42,500 unique households received HPA (home purchase assistance).