Disability Employment Services Data dictionary


Outcome area Employment and financial security
Priority Economic participation

Number of valid 52-week full outcome claims for employment in the 12-month period, for people with disability1.

Most recent data


Baseline data



People with disability, injury or health condition, seeking work and assisted by the Disability Employment Services program.


Number of valid 52-Week Full Outcome claims for employment in the 12-month period.

Computation description

Sum of DES 52-Week Outcomes over the last 12 months.


Number of 52-week outcomes for month1 + number for month2 + …. + number for month12

  1. The Strategy would like to see the following tracked – Number of people supported to achieve at least 12 months employment at their work capacity in Disability Employment Services. Available data do not allow the exact measure listed by the Strategy to be tracked. Currently an alternative measure is reported.

  2. Participant characteristics are as at the claim creation date.

  3. The data is not a count of distinct participants, but the count of valid claims created regarding a participant. Claims are counted for a period by the date that the claim was created. However, multiple claims could be created for the same participant for different job placements in that period.

  4. The eligibility criteria for the DES program is available from the DES Eligibility Referral and Commencement Guidelines.

  5. Full outcome claims for employment are outcomes claimed by eligible DES providers for employment where the hours worked each week for the DES participant was at or above their estimated employment benchmark on average (see DES Outcome guidelines for more information).

  6. 52-week employment outcomes were only claimable for contracts established under the Disability Employment Services (DES) Grant Agreement following the 2018 DES reforms on 1 July 2018. Hence, 52-week Employment Outcomes could only be claimed 52 weeks after the participant had commenced placement with a DES provider contract established from 1 July 2018 (i.e., 1 July 2019 onwards).

  7. Claims data are for people aged 15 or over.
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