We have about 450 staff, most in Canberra and some in Sydney.

Our staff are skilled in:

  • statistical analysis
  • epidemiology and demography
  • information development
  • data management
  • communication
  • public sector administration.

AIHW is headed by a director and is divided into eight specialist groups.

AIHW organisation chart

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Business & Communication Group 

  • Mr Andrew Kettle, Group Head 
  • Corporate Reporting & PMO (Ms Tulip Penney)
  • Financial & Commercial Services (Mr Andrew Tharle)
  • People & Facilities (Ms Morag Roycroft) 
  • Strategic Communication & Stakeholder Engagement (Ms Rebecca Richter)
  • Website & Publishing (Ms Cherie McLean, acting) 
  • Website Data Strategy (Mr Bill Watson, acting)

Community Services Group 

  • Ms Louise York, Group Head  
  • Centrelink Strategies (Ms Sushma Mathur)
  • Child Welfare (Mr David Braddock)
  • Children's Reporting (Ms Sally Mills)
  • Disability & Ageing (Mr Mark Cooper-Stanbury)
  • Family, Domestic & Sexual Violence (Ms Ann Hunt)
  • Justice & Education (Ms Anna Ritson)

Data Governance Group

  • Ms Jenny Hargreaves, Group Head
  • Ethics, Privacy & Legal (Mr Gary Kent)
  • Executive Secretariat (Ms Anne Reader)
  • Metadata & METeOR (Ms Brooke Macpherson) 
  • My Health Record Secondary Use Governance (Ms Jen Mayhew-Larsen)

Data Strategies & Information Technology Group

  • Mr Geoff Neideck, Group Head 
  • Data Linkage 1 (Dr Phil Anderson)
  • Data Linkage 2 (Mr Mike Booth)
  • Data Strategies (Dr Nick von Sanden)
  • Specialist Capability (Mr Daniel Sjoberg, acting)
  • Chief Technology Officer (Mr Glenn Ashe)
    • IT Infrastructure & Security (Ms Deborah Scott)
    • System Architecture, Integration & Support (Mr Charlie Drummond) 

Health Group 

  • Dr Lynelle Moon, Group Head 
  • Burden of Disease & Mortality (Mr Richard Juckes)
  • Cancer Data & Monitoring (Mr Justin Harvey)
  • Cardiovascular, Diabetes & Kidney (Ms Miriam Lum-On)
  • Chronic Conditions (Ms Katherine Faulks)
  • Population Health (Ms Claire Sparke)
  • Screening Analysis & Monitoring (Mr David Meere, acting)

Hospitals & Expenditure Group 

  • Dr Adrian Webster, Group Head
  • Economics & Expenditure (Mr Jason Thomson)
  • Health Performance & Quality (Dr Heather Swanston)
  • Hospitals & Related Care (Ms Marissa Veld)
  • Hospitals Data (Mr George Bodilsen)
  • Medical, Dental & Pharmaceutical (Ms Clara Jellie)
  • MyHospitals Redevelopment (Mr Charles Hudson, acting)

Housing & Specialised Services Group 

  • Mr Matthew James, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Group Head
  • Housing & Homelessness Collection Operations (Ms Penny Siu)
  • Housing & Homelessness Collection Processing (Ms Amber Jefferson)
  • Housing & Homelessness Reporting & Development (Ms Nikki Schroder)
  • Mental Health & Palliative Care (Mr Gary Hanson)
  • Tobacco, Alcohol & Other Drugs (Ms Moira Hewitt) 

Indigenous & Maternal Health Group 

  • Dr Fadwa Al-Yaman, Group Head 
  • Indigenous Analyses & Reporting (Mr Geoff Callaghan)
  • Indigenous Modelling & Research (Ms Tracy Dixon)
  • Indigenous Primary Care Reporting (Dr Indrani Pieris-Caldwell)
  • Indigenous Spatial Analysis & Health Services (Dr Martin Edvardsson)
  • Maternal & Perinatal Health (Ms Tracie Reinten, acting)

Primary Health Care & Veterans Group 

  • Mr Michael Frost, Group Head 
  • Flagship Reporting (Mr Dinesh Indraharan)
  • My Health Record Data (Ms Vicki Bennett)
  • Primary Health Care Data (Mr Conan Liu)
  • PHN & Primary Health Reporting (Dr Kerrin Bleicher)
  • Veterans' Health & Welfare (Ms Melinda Petrie)