3. Fees

Fees for applications and amendment requests submitted for consideration by the AIHW Ethics Committee are based on the complexity and risk of the project. The current fee schedule is shown in Table 1.

Please note

A quote on the fee payable for an application or amendment is a preliminary step. It is not an assessment of the quality or completeness of the application, whether it meets the Committee’s requirements and/or whether it is ready to proceed to the next meeting of the Committee.

Table 1: Current fee schedule
Fee type* Fee amount (inc GST)

Complex/ more than low risk application


Uncomplicated/ Low or negligible risk application


Significant amendment


Simple amendment


*Further information can be found in the following document, which should be read before completing your application: AIHW HREC Application Fees Schedule March 2022 (PDF 150kB).

4. Meeting dates

The AIHW Ethics Committee meets regularly to consider applications and amendments. See Meeting dates and closing dates.