What degrees or qualifications are you looking for?

We are looking for students studying a range of social and health science disciplines, including health economics, health information management, public health, epidemiology, science, humanities, sociology, and psychology.

In addition to that we also have a number of highly specialised roles which focus on Statistical Analysis and Data Science and for these roles we are looking for students studying statistics, demography, data science, mathematics, actuarial studies, accounting, data mining, predictive modelling or geospatial/GIS (geographic information system) mapping.

When do applications open?

Applications for the AIHW Graduate Intake open in mid-June and are open for four weeks.

What is required in the application/recruitment process?

Applicants will be required to submit an application addressing each of the selection criteria in the job pack (which will be available when applications open).

Applicants will also be required to include a copy of their academic transcript with their application. This must be an academic transcript, not just evidence of completion of study.

Applicants who are successful with progressing to the next round will then be invited to complete an online assessment.

Following the online assessment applicants who are successful in progressing will then be invited to attend an interview (either fact-to-face, via skype or over the phone). Applicants will be required to bring two referee reports along to interview. The template and details for the referee report will be provided to applicants who are invited to interview.

When will interviews occur?

We anticipate interviews will usually occur throughout late August and September.

Am I eligible to apply?

Qualifications: To be eligible for the 2021 Graduate Intake, applicants must have completed a Bachelor degree or higher between 1 January 2016 and their commencement on the program by no later than February 2021.

Citizenship: To be eligible for the 2021 Graduate Intake, applicants must be an Australian citizen (applicants who have Permanent Residence status may be offered employment pending the granting of citizenship) by their commencement on the program by no later than February 2021.

When does the program commence?

The commencement date for graduates is flexible, however, graduates must commence no later than February. Graduates will be able to negotiate their start dates based on their availability and the availability of suitable work and office accommodation within their placement Unit.

Specific graduate program activities will commence in February, once all graduates have commenced at the Institute.

How long does the program run for?

The program runs for 12 months.

What is included in the program?

To ensure graduates get exposure to the broader work of the Institute and are able to build their professional networks graduates are given the opportunity to:

  • participate in a short-term rotation in the communications units
  • undertake cross-agency projects
  • coordinate the AIHW Ideas Working Group
  • run the AIHW Social Club
  • participate in internal and APS wide graduate events
  • shadowing opportunities with members of the Senior Executive Service.

When will offers be made?

It is anticipated that offers will be made in late September/October.

What area of the AIHW will I work in? How will my placement be determined?

Applicants who are rated as suitable at the conclusion of the assessment process will be sent a confirmation email which also contains a Unit/Group selection sheet. Applicants will be asked to identify the Units and Groups they are interested in and return this to our recruitment team.

What if I can’t bring two referee reports to the interview?

If applicants are unable to have both referee reports completed by the time they attend an interview, applicants will be required to email their referee reports to the recruitment mailbox, by no later than one week after their interview date.

How do I get further information?

If you have a question we haven’t answered, please contact [email protected]