The FOI Act requires government departments to publish information released under the Act (with some exceptions). This is the disclosure log requirement.


  • that can be downloaded from a government website, is linked
  • not available on our website, can be requested through our FOI Contact Officer
  • not available in HTML that you cannot read, can be requested through our FOI Contact Officer.

Some charges may apply to your FOI request.

The information in this disclosure log is removed after 12 months, unless the information has enduring public value.

FOI ref. no. Date of access Summary of FOI request Information published in disclosure log Other information
2016/4 3 Nov 2016 Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Freedom of Information authorisation, 12 September 2016 AIHW FOI authorisation instrument 12 Sept 2016

Copyright enquiries should be addressed to:
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2016/2 20 Apr 2016 Current social media policy of the AIHW, which covers departmental use and/or private use by employees in an individual capacity. AIHW Social Media Policy   Not applicable
2016/1 17 Feb 2016 A copy of any personal information in the Military and Veteran Research Study Roll; details of the fields contained for an individual in the Study Roll. Letter dated 18 Jan 2016 from AIHW to the applicant in response to this FOI request
(Note: personal information has been redacted.)
 Not applicable