Health Expenditure Advisory Committee (HEAC) oversees the development of health expenditure statistics and meets two or three times a year. It provides a mechanism for both data users and data suppliers of health expenditure statistics to give advice and assistance to the Institute about the methods used in developing the national estimates and the way those estimates are presented and analysed.

Terms of reference


  1. Advise the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on data sources, analysis and presentation of its estimates of health expenditure in Australia.
  2. Provide advice on the integration of AIHW’s health expenditure collections with all other Australian sub-national and national collections and with international frameworks and collections of health expenditure statistics.
  3. Provide advice on longer term directions related to the reporting of expenditure on health, both within Australia and to international bodies, such as OECD and WHO.


The committee consists of representatives from AIHW, the Department of Health, state and territory health departments, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Commonwealth Grants Commission, the Department of Veterans' Affairs, Medicare Australia, The Treasury and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority. It is anticipated that the range of participating organisations may be expanded over time to include some other non-government organisations and academics with an interest in expenditure on health in Australia.

  • Australian Government
    • Australian Bureau of Statistics
    • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
    • Commonwealth Grants Commission
    • Department of Health
    • Department of Veterans' Affairs
    • Medicare Australia
    • Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
    • The Treasury
  • States and territories
    • NSW Ministry of Health
    • Department of Health, Victoria
    • Queensland Health
    • Department of Health, Western Australia
    • South Australia Health
    • Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmania
    • ACT Government Health Directorate
    • Department of Health, Northern Territory


Postal address

HEAC Secretariat

PO Box 570


ACT 2601



(02) 6244 1119

(02) 6244 1299

Email address

[email protected]