If you are interested in applying for any of the positions listed on this site, please register your details in e-Recruit, download and read the position description and selection documentation. You will need to write a statement against each of the selection criteria and submit with your updated curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. You may wish to also submit a covering letter. Selection will be based on assessment against the specified selection criteria.

What you need to apply:

Obtain the position profile

Download the position description and selection documentation and read the job description, duties and selection criteria located within e-Recruit.

If you want further information about the position, please phone the contact officer mentioned in the advertisement or notice.

Update your curriculum vitae or resume

A curriculum vitae (CV) or resume is a summary of your personal employment history. Essentially it is a marketing tool. Its primary purpose is to inform us of your suitability for a position. It should provide all the relevant information about your education background, employment experience, achievements, abilities and interests.

It is recommended that you keep your CV updated at all times as it makes it easier for you to concentrate on the application for the position itself.

Generally, your CV should include your personal details, such as your name, address and contact telephone numbers and email address. It should also include current and previous occupations or positions you've had, outlining the role for each position. Your CV should also include educational qualifications, and any current study in which you might be engaged. Non-employment experience or memberships that are relevant to the position may also be included.

Write a covering letter and statement addressing the selection criteria


  • a one-page covering letter (optional)
  • your response to the selection criteria.

One-page covering letter

A short covering letter, outlining the key skills, attributes and qualities that you possess that make you a suitable candidate for the position. You may also wish to include why you are interested in the position, and what you have to offer the AIHW.

Statement addressing the selection criteria

Your responses to the selection criteria provide the basis for short-listing and for further consideration of your application. It is important that in your application you address each selection criterion thoroughly and succinctly and only include information that is relevant to the position. Under each criterion you should outline your relevant skills and abilities and give examples of your work performance, qualifications and other relevant experience.

For more information, visit Applying for jobs in the APS (on the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) website).

Reasonable adjustments

The AIHW is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible workplace to enable people with a disability to participate fully in all aspects of employment, including recruitment activities.

A candidate with a disability applying for an advertised position at the AIHW may request reasonable adjustment to the recruitment and selection process (interview and/or other assessment activities) in order to compete fairly (on merit) with other candidates for the role.

A request for reasonable adjustments can be made verbally or in writing to HR or to the Chairperson of the Selection Panel at any time during the recruitment and selection process. The AIHW's personal details form [DOC 320kB] provides applicants with an ideal opportunity to provide their diversity information and/or their need for any special equipment or requirements in writing in relation to a recruitment/ selection process.

Further information is available in the Reasonable adjustments (Disability Discrimination Act) policy and procedures [PDF 275kB].

Submit your application

Your full application must be submitted by the specified closing date. Applications must be submitting via the AIHW e-Recruit system, accessible by selecting view vacancies on careers.