Summary of Mental health services in Australia

Mental health services in Australia describes the activity and characteristics of Australia’s health care and social care services accessed by people with a mental illness.

This web report provides the most recent data available on the national response of the health and welfare system to the mental health care needs of Australians. Data are progressively published as it becomes available throughout the year. As well as the information presented on the web pages, readers can find detailed data for current and previous years in the Microsoft ® Excel workbooks downloadable from each section.

Please note the information in this report is constrained by the availability of comparable national data, which may result in some data overlaps and gaps in service information.

Updated data —sections revised 9 October 2019

> more Residential care data

> more Community care data

> more Consumers data

> more Overnight data

> more Same day data


Minor updates

> more Emergency data

> more Restrictive practices data


More sections of Mental health services in Australia

> more Disability data

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> more Homelessness data

> more Prescriptions data

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