Population health impacts of dementia

It is vital for health-care professionals and policymakers to understand how many people are living with, and dying from dementia in Australia, and how this may vary for different subgroups of the population. This information enables better policy and service planning for the current and future impact of dementia on the health of Australians and Australia’s health-care, aged care and social systems.

The following pages present statistics and information on:

These pages also present the current data landscape for reporting on the population health impact of dementia and ways this may be improved in the future.

Refer to the Prevalence data tables, Mortality data tables and Burden of disease data tables for the underlying data presented in these pages.  

See Dementia in priority groups for more information on the population health impacts of dementia among different population groups, including among First Nations people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

Key statistics