This report was prepared by Chloe Groves, Sonya Glasson, Brett Bissett, Melanie Dunford, Justine Parer, Lilia Arcos-Holzinger and Lisa Irvine of the AIHW Dementia Unit, with valued input from colleagues at the AIHW and the Department of Health and Aged Care.

We gratefully acknowledge Professor Annette Dobson, Dr Kaele Stokes, Professor Kaarin Anstey, Professor Lee-Fay Low, Professor Velandai Srikanth, Dr Anthony Hobbs, Professor Henry Brodaty and Karen Glennen who provided expert review.

The Department of Health and Aged Care funded this project.


October 2023 – Table 15.9 “resistive behaviours” rows had “no symptoms” and “not stated” transposed incorrectly.

November 2022 – Table S2.3 heading was updated to reflect the correct data year. 

  • A small typographical error in the Burden of Disease section was amended.